Because each life is a story and knowing where your grandparents came from is knowing where you come from



Would you like to leave a written account of your life's experiences? Would you like to be remembered?

We will write it for you. Your life, your love story or a specific account from the lives of your children that you would like to immortalize.

The finished product can be in computer or book form, with a run of 100 or 150 copies.

 We write based on recordings, archives, research and many hours of recorded conversations. We can include mementos, photographs, documents and anything related to your life.

Clients will give the final approval before publication.

And if you think that something so special would be expensive, perhaps you will be pleasantly suprised. Each project is unique, depending on length and the depth of work needed. If you still think this gift is beyond your means, please don't disregard it until you check. Tell us what you are looking for and we'll give you an estimate. Contact

Because, as an ancient text says, "Life sleeps in the mineral, dreams in the vegetable, wakes in the animal, and becomes self-concious in man."


Bestow a biography.


"Oh my soul do not aspire to eternal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible." - Pindar